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Gearing Up After a New Release

May 08, 2009

by John Shedletsky



Our last release was so huge, we’ve been publishing release notes for the past three days.

Here’s some things that no one else pointed out that I’m sure you’ve noticed by now.


We thought it would be cool to sell items that had in-game effects, and in this release, you can see our first steps in that direction.

You can buy gear in the catalog and equip it on the Customize Character page. At the moment you can only equip one item at a time. Gear can be weapons, soft drinks, wizard wands, pitchforks, cameras, suitcases, etc. More gear will be coming out over time. Here’s what we have right now:

Board With a Nail in It – Great for chasing away alien invaders. This weapon is heavy and thus slow to swing, but does good damage when it hits.

Bloxy Cola – WARNING: Bloxy Cola contains 0% real blox. The main idea with this is to make you look cool, but drinking does restore 5 health. Has a nice picture of Builderman on the front.

Orc Blade – A quick, slashing sword that does reasonable damage on account of its sharpness.

Brigand’s Sword – Your basic sword with a slash and a lunge attack (double click to lunge). Maybe it looks sharper than the orc blade, but it does slightly less damage.

New Hats and a Face

Brighteyes helped me to put these together which is why we have so much stuff for sale this Friday.

Ye Briny Pirate Loretome of Doooom – A sinister black book textured by Rombom. What secrets does it hold?

Trojan Infantry Helmet – For when the metaphor “going medieval on someone” lacks the anachronistic punch that your fury demands! Battle like it’s 1200 BC. Then they’ll know you’re for serious.

Paper Hat – For when the metaphor “going medieval on someone” seems crude and mean, this playful hat is the change you need.

Mask of El Diablo Azul – Someone suggested a Lucha Libre-style wrestling mask as a good idea for a hat on my twitter page so we got an artist to make one. I think it looks great!

Mask of Furia Roja – While Brighteyes and I were building hats we had the Knight of the Scarlet Order helmet texture on the wrestling mask and we thought it looked cool. So you guys get a bonus Lucha Libre mask.

Commando Face – We’ve got a new batch of faces in the pipeline, but this was the only one that was ready to go. I think it’s one of the coolest faces we’ve ever made.

Ambassador Program

After making some changes, we’ve brought the ROBLOX Ambassador program back online. We now have a list of sites that we won’t reward you for posting links on. You can find out if your site is on this list by using the ‘test this url’ box before submitting a link.

– Telamon