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Focusing on Performance

May 13, 2009

by David Baszucki

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I’ve been talking to a bunch of you and I know that everyone wants more performance. ROBLOX users will achieve ultimate happiness when we have a 1,000,000 block world with 1,000 players updating at 100 FPS (frames per second). No promises on when that day will be, but until then, here is what we are doing to improve performance. We just pushed a new release today that will allow us to measure many things that our users experience, such as…

Install Success Rate: We want to see how high we can push this (already pretty high)

Silent Upgrade speed and success rate: We want to make this faster (already pretty good)

Graphics, physics and networking FPS (frames per second): We will push these numbers as high as we can. If we have every player getting better than 30 FPS for graphics, physics and networking I think we can safely say that “lag” will be a thing of the past.

Join a game time: We want to make this much faster. Here is a chart of the average time it takes a player to join a game (actual numbers have been removed because we are currently not super happy with them)

Game Join Time

We’re now measuring our website uptime and the speed of page loads. Our goal is to get every page load below one second and to have zero website down time.

MTBF (mean time between failure): I.e. – how often do users experience a crash or lockup. We have already been measuring and improving this, and we’re getting pretty good here.

Let me know if there are other performance related areas that you think would make ROBLOX more fun!

– Builderman