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Claws and Lightning

May 15, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Holy electrified warrior claws, Batman! We’ve just released some elite gear!


Bluesteel Claw

The beastman stalks his prey silently. The noob is unaware. He’s busy begging people to “come visit my place”. He doesn’t hear you sneaking up behind him. Your bluesteel claw comes out. CHING! Almost nothing is harder than bluesteel. Certainly not the feeble protection your mark is wearing. Slash! Slash! … One less noob.


Staff of Sparks –

You are a Battlemage of the Flashing Bolt. You trained in the academy for years to earn your staff. Others struggled and failed, but you did not. Now the very power of the skies are at your command. ZzzzzzAP! Remember what you learned in school: lightning always strikes first.

– Telamon