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Worlds of Wood Contest Phase 2!

April 7, 2009

by reesemcblox


wood-entry-IROBLOXia has gone wood crazy! I spent some time today wandering around the Worlds of Wood and I must say I’m impressed with the things I saw. So many colors and shapes of wood surfaces!

The contest is halfway done. We’re entering Phase 2. Let’s re-visit the rules of the contest.

Phase 1: This phase is over. You should have your worldsofwood named place set up already. This morning we took a reading of the current number of visits in all the worldsofwood places. We will compare that with the number next week and subtract to get the difference. Math!

Phase 2: From Monday April 6 – Monday April 13 we will be counting

visits to all the places that are entered. Only the visits for those days (4/6 – 4/13) will count towards winning. That is the time to get people to visit your awesome wood place! Put up ads, post in Creations Gallery, and sell VIP shirts!

Q: Is it too late to enter after Monday April 6 at 9am?

A: Sadly yes. If you name a place worldsofwood at this point you will not be entered. You needed to do that in the previous 7 days.

Q: Can you update your place during this week?

A: Yes. That is fine. Continue to work on your place as you gain visits. Just keep it named with ‘worldsofwood’ and in the same building slot.

Phase 3: On Monday April 13 the contest ends. We will look in our database to see who got the most visits to their Worlds of Wood place between 4/6 and 4/13.

As I said, I went wandering in some Worlds of Wood places. Check out what I saw!








wood-entry-C  wood-entry-H

(Builder names are not shown to prevent visit loading on these places. It’s more fair! The builder’s names will be added after the contest ends.)

The prizes and parade of winners will be published by Thursday April 16. You can read more about this contest and the prize structure in my earlier post.

I really am amazed how different ROBLOX looks with wood surfaces as well as classic plastic. We can do so much now. Be sure to talk about this contest more on the forums!