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Sixty Four is the New Thirty Two

April 02, 2009

by John Shedletsky



Sometimes when I am building levels in ROBLOX, I can’t find the right color because ROBLOX only has one yellow, no deep blue, no highly saturated colors, no pastels, and no hot pink (I’m sure this is bothering a lot of people out there).

In today’s mini-release, we upped the number of colors you can use in ROBLOX studio to 64 and we filled in these obvious gaps.

We’ve got great new colors like navy blue, medium yellow, bright green, really bright red, and, yes, hot pink.

There’s also new “wood” and “plastic” material buttons in ROBLOX Studio, to allow you to easily change the stuff your stuff is made of.

64 colors. 2 materials. 128 combinations! I’ve got to go update my places!

– Telamon