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Builders of Robloxia Rejoice!

April 24, 2009

by John Shedletsky



Today’s release is for the people who make Robloxia great. I’m talking about the builders! This one is for you guys.

New Stuff For Builders!


Players on the test server yesterday got a sneak peak at the new stuff renderman and madrak have been working on.


Trusses are a new type of brick. They look industrial and cool. Trusses are always long and skinny – you can only use them to make 2×2 beams. In the future, we will probably make trusses climbable by Roblox characters and make them less dense than normal bricks.


Slate is a new material, much like wood. You can use different colors of slate to create some interesting effects. Grey and black slate looks like, well, slate. Green slate gives a decent grass texture. Red slate could be used as lava. Blue slate might make a good ocean floor. You can even make rusty metal-looking trusses out of brown slate.

Universal Connectors


Universal connectors are a new surface type. They snap together with either bumps or holes. They’re used as the default Truss surface. I’ve also found that they can be used to create a nice “tiled floor” texture and look good when used in-doors.


You can see a demo of these new building materials in action here.

New Toolbox Items

The “Brick” and “Baseplate” sections of the Toolbox have been updated to include these new shapes and materials. Hopefully it is more useful than to builders than in the past.


Once you’ve loaded your place up with all these sweet new materials, you’ll find it runs better in multiplayer due to improvements we made in the networking code!

Two releases in one week, brought to you for free by the Roblox Team. We’re on fire!

– Telamon