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Some New Items and a Mystery

March 28, 2009

by John Shedletsky

Archive News


ROBLOX’s Free Stuff mini-event is winding down. Up until now we have been offering up minor gifts to the community for free. There were items that, for the most part, ROBLOX veterans had long ago acquired.

Now we are offering up something special that no one has: a Mysterious Purple Box! It’s only going to be available for a short time, so don’t wait. Go get one! It’s free!

“What’s the deal with this purple box?!” you might ask. At some future date the box will turn into a unique item that will never be offered again. The only way to get it is to own the purple box. But, hey, if you don’t want a free unique item, that’s your business. Maybe you don’t need a mysterious purple box to be content. Weird.

New Faces


Concerned – Do you wish people would take you more seriously? Want a face to wear for when you are making disdainful posts in General Discussion? You guys know who you are.

Mischievous – For the little trickster in all of us :-)

Meanie – There aren’t supposed to be very many mean people on ROBLOX, which is why this face costs 5000 R$! Still… I think it looks pretty awesome. Hide your Meanie face behind a Black Knight Helm, then, when battle gets heavy, let your foes know you mean business by taking off your helmet to reveal… you are really really mean! RAWR!

Aghast – Yikes! This face makes you look constantly surprised. It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it.

New Hats


Unicorn Horn – Prance around in style with this Unicorn Horn. Not sure why it’s purple…

Silverthorn Antlers – Did you miss out on getting the Wanwood Antlers more than a year ago? Well, antlers are back in style. These things look wicked in-game. Careful, they’re really really really pointy. Works great with almost all head shapes.

Black Paintball Mask – Never play Miked’s Ultimate Paintball unprotected again! You wouldn’t play paintball without a mask in real life, would you? In the future there will red and blue versions of this hat – so you’ll be able to show your allegiance. Red? Blue? It’s up to you!

Buxsplosion – BOOM! Money everywhere! Who doesn’t need a vortex of cash?

Muffin Cat: King of Muffins – This week’s collectible user-created book was written by 4muskateers. It has a fat cat on the cover, which people on the internets seem to like. It’s also sparkly. Ooooo sparkles…

– Telamon