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ROBLOX Rox Music Video Contest!

February 27, 2009

by reesemcblox


It’s time for another YouTube video contest! This time we are asking for music videos. Here’s what we want you to do…

Make a music video using only ROBLOX video you capture and a song you like. You can do one of 3 things.

· Make up your own story to go along with your favorite song

· Create your own music and set ROBLOX video to it

· Re-create your favorite real world video (scene for scene) using ROBLOX video

Then upload the video to your YouTube account. The video description must have your usernames first, at the top! There must be a link to ROBLOX (, and the tag “roblox-rox”. Also include tags for your favorite bands and songs (whether they are in your vid or not), more tags is better!

Example description for a video entry

username: ReeseMcBlox  This is my music video entry with my favorite song! I made it myself! 

Go to

Tags: roblox-rox, roblox, space oddity, jonas brothers, linkin park, david bowie, muse

Here are some example videos to give you ideas!

Face Me by Are92

One More Time by Nintendoboy

Several Clips by FreeFurbie

(Example of many style ideas, but yours should be just 1 song long.)


  1. The video must be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. One song per video, no mashups or jumping from song to song!
  2. No video from other games.
  3. All songs must be radio-play ready, meaning bad words are bleeped and the song is safe for kids.
  4. Teams are allowed – up to 4 users. List all usernames at the top of the description!
  5. All the videos have to be uploaded between today and noon March 9, 2009. Older videos can not win.
  6. DO NOT PUT the song title, artist and album movie credits, video title or description (more info) or YouTube may take down your video. You can also swap your song for a LEGAL copy after you upload it. Check this out! You may need to swap if you used an iTunes song.


Videos will be rated by Views. Get people to view your video by posting on the Creations Gallery forum and put your video link in your User Blurb. Do not send messages on ROBLOX asking people to view your video. Do not make ads with your video link.

The top 200 Views winners will receive the Silver mystery hat.

The top 100 Views winners will receive the Gold mystery hat.

The top 10 Views winners will be shown on the News, receive special category awards and an extra special mystery hat!

The categories could be things like: Funniest, Best Rick Astley, Best Sync to Original Video, Most Rockin’, Best Use of Tags, and so on… we will make the categories when we see the videos.

The last day to upload videos is by noon Monday March 9, 2009. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded by Friday March 13, 2009.

For more info on how to make movies read our wiki article. You can talk about this contest and how your rockin’ videos are coming along on our forums!

Also, be sure to check out all the entries as they are uploaded to YouTube!