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ROBLOX Lookin’ Good Contest

February 6, 2009

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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At ROBLOX we have a near infinite supply of awesome looks for your avatar. Now that we’ve added head shapes and faces the possibilities are off the charts! We want to see what sorts of creative things you all are doing with the Stuff you can get for your characters.


This event has two phases:

Entry Phase – From now until Sunday Feb 8 at 3pm (Pacific) the entry form will be open. Everyone who enters will get the Supa Fly Cap for free. (It may be for sale later, don’t be mad.)

Voting Phase -From Sunday Feb 8 to Thursday Feb 12 voting will be open on the event site. The top 100 rated looks will get 100 Robux!

How to Enter!Save as.

Step 1

Get your character decked out with your favorite gear, to make the most awesome look. Put some time and thought into making yourself look super!

Step 2

Grab the image by Right-clicking on your ROBLOX avatar, on your My ROBLOX page. Choose Save Picture As… and put it on your computer. You must save it as a PNG file!


Step 3

Go to the event site and use this form to enter [Entry now closed]. Your image must wait for moderation before showing.

That’s all you have to do to enter!


When can you vote?

Starting Saturday you can go to the event site and vote. The entries will be shown in random order. Just page through and vote on everything you see. Or search for your friends. The winners are picked by a combination of rating and number of votes.

When will the prizes go out?

Everyone who enters gets the Supa Fly Cap. The top 100 rated get 100 Robux. All hats and Robux are to be delivered by Feb 19.

Extra Rules

Only images of ROBLOX avatars are allowed.

Only one entry per player (do not enter your alternate accounts).

Do not make multiple submissions – even if you can’t see your post right away.

Do not post again if you change your look.

There will be a parade on Thursday, and another one next week. We are going to show off your awesome combinations! You can discuss this event more and as questions on our forum.