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Hats for Blockhead and Peabrain

February 28, 2009

by John Shedletsky



Rejoice! We have an item mega-release this Friday!

This release features new heads, hats, and faces. It also features our first two hats intended for non-standard head shapes!



Peabrain – This is a shrunken version of the normal head shape. It looks weird on a regular sized body. It makes you look “special”.

Diamond – This diamond head is really… what’s the technical term? Oh yeah, pointy.

Fat Head – “Does this head make me look fat?” Yes. Yes it does.



Blockhead Baseball Cap – This is a fresh take on a classic hat. It fits well on the Blockhead and ROX BOX heads.

Tiny Top Hat – This is a reduced-size Purple Banded Top Hat for ROBLOXians with peabrains. Tiny top hat, tiny price (for a top hat, anyways)

Cheezburger: The Complete History – I was hanging out at Miked’s Minigame World and GeneralCheese mentioned he had a great re-texture of the book mesh, which I had happened to randomly see on YouTube earlier that morning. Now u can has cheezburger! This is a first edition printing and may end up becoming quite a rare book.



Daring – I tried to pick new faces that might be helpful in our ROBLOX Music Video Contest. This one will help in the portrayal of iconoclastic hip hop musicians.

Sinister – So cool. Have you ever noticed how all the awesome faces go great with the fedora? It’s not an accident.

ZOMG – This is the internet meme face for this release!!!!1111eleven11cos(2pi)111

Stitchface – Not a guy you want to meet in a dark alley. Or any alley. Or meet.

– Telamon