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For Those of You Who Like Items

February 2, 2009

by John Shedletsky


TornadoAndOrient Everyone likes items! We’ve got a couple new ones for you in the ROBLOX catalog.


Red Tornado – The Black Tornado has been discontinued now for more than a year, so we felt that it was time to bring back this classic – with a new twist! (haha)

Blue Hat of the Orient – In a previous post I hinted that a blue hat of the orient might be forthcoming, since my avatar really wanted one and I like to keep him happy. It’s priced like the slick-looking piece of loot that it is, meaning you can probably only afford it if you’ve got a serious money-making place. However, at the time of this writing, you could also get it for around 3000 R$, if you head over to the currency exchange and trade for tix.



We’re also added additional faces to the catalog.

It’s Go Time – The face you wear when it is go time.

Emotionally Distressed Zombie – I just thought it was funny. Not sure how useful this face is.

Blinky – For the ROBLOXian that knows a good joke that he has no intention of sharing.

I Lack Personal Confidence – In the description of this item we ponder the role of videogames as a mechanism for self-knowledge. If you’ve got a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, you’ll want to write a paper about it.

– Telamon