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A Football Player, a Chef, and a Pilot

February 07, 2009

by John Shedletsky



Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right?

Well it’s not.

We’ve got some exciting new hats and faces for sale!


Cyan Football Helmet – ROBLOXians decided that it was kind of weird to only have one football team, so a second team has recently been created. Naturally, now the two teams are mortal enemies.

Master Chef Hat – The Master Chef is a genetically engineered super chef created in a top secret government military program. He makes excellent souffles.

Pilot Hat – For all your classic aviation needs. I wouldn’t recommend flying a bi-plane without one!



Poor Man – The owner of this face has just watched their entire fortune vanish before their eyes. That’s why he looks so heartbroken.

Frightful – I figure this goes great with any Halloween hat we’ve ever made.

Sad – The possibilities here are endless. I’m wearing mine with Happy Time Magic Flower Hat. Classic.

Silly Fun – It’s silly. It’s fun. What more is there to say?

– Telamon