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New Loot!

January 17, 2009

by John Shedletsky



Woot! It’s Friday!

To celebrate, we are releasing some new loot!


ROBLOX Visor – We’ve retired the 2008 Visor. It’s history! This stylin’ new visor inaugurates the opening of 2009. The price? 9 tickets. Makes sense.

Mining Helmet – So there’s a story behind this one. We’ve been sitting on it for more than 6 months because we thought it would be cool to release it with a working flashlight head lamp. Sadly, these plans have been shelved for the moment. In the meantime, hundreds of Robloxians have been toiling away in dangerous mines without head protection! It’s unconscionable to let the situation continue as it is, so we’re releasing this hat without further delay.

Tin Pot – Now you, too, can be a tin pot dictator of your own little kingdom. Not included: kingdom.



As promised in my last post, I’ve got a pile of faces made by professional artists that I intend to release slowly over the next several weeks. Here is the most recent installment!

Mysterious – A great spy face. Goes well with the fedora.

I Am Not Amused – There’s a malcontent in every bunch! For 250 R$, you can show everyone how not amused you are.

Alright – A nice face for friendly players. I like wearing it with the Tixsplosion, because that many tickets is enough to make anyone smile. But whatever.

Sad Zombie – Zombies vs. Vampires! Which will turn out to be more popular? This face is the first in a series of faces that I’m working on. If the idea of sad zombies doesn’t make you lolololol you should probably stick with something more normal.

– Telamon