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I Love ROBLOX Teaser

January 17, 2009

by reesemcblox



Look at all that love! It’s awesome.

Sometime in the next 24 hours about 200 of the early entries will get a special surprise hat! It’s not a surprise really since we already showed it. But it is special. The rest of the deliveries will go out over the next week or so. Everyone who enters by the deadline (and has a valid image) will get the special surprise hat.

Important News: There is now a deadline to submit your event entry. We will only give hats to people who send in the entry before Sunday January 18 at midnight Pacific time. That’s 23:59 on Sunday, 0:00 on Monday – the midnight that comes between Sunday and Monday. I can’t think of any other ways to say it.

If you submit on Monday it’s toooooo late. Get your family to help you get this done this weekend. Ok?


Only a few entries have been fakey paint program mashups. Those people will not be getting something. Just follow the instructions and it’s so easy!

We’ve gotten photos of toys, games, pets, foods, clothes, music, books, sports gear…. gosh.  You can compare ideas on the forum. You guys are helping us out so much! Thanks.