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I <3 ROBLOX Event Concluded

January 24, 2009

by John Shedletsky

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I spent this morning basking in the undying love of our thousands of users. It was great for my ego, and now I have a nice tan.

Thanks go out to the more than 2000 people whom submitted entries to the “I <3 ROBLOX and I <3 ________” event. It was really interesting to see what you guys <3 (besides ROBLOX, that is!).

We’ve finally finished awarding all the exclusive “I <3 ROBLOX” Signs. Those of you who entered and got a sign for free have made a great choice because these signs are guaranteed to increase in rarity and value over time. For those of you who missed out, don’t worry: there is always another contest around the bend.

What to do if you did not get a sign

A small group of ROBLOX moderators went through the 1000s of emails that you guys sent us and handed me a list of names of accounts that deserved hats. If you submitted an image but did not get the sign, then one of three things happened:

  1. Your image was not a real photo and was made in photoshop. These were not valid entries and don’t get a sign. We told you so in the contest rules.
  2. You sent in a great image, but it was after the January 20th deadline. Sorry, but we can’t accept late entries.
  3. You sent in a great image, but you spelled your username wrong in the email. Whoops!
  4. You sent in a great image, but one of the moderators creating the list of names for me made a typo. Whoops!

If and only if you think #3 or #4 happened to you, email the nice people at [email protected] and politely inform them that we owe you a sign. Make sure you tell us your account name.

– Telamon