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Trying to Get A Head…

December 18, 2008

by John Shedletsky


ThreeHeads In this latest ROBLOX release we bring you: interchangeable heads! RobloTim slaved over these heads for more than one release cycle and learned more about 3d geometry than he ever wanted to – all for you guys.

Heads are the latest step in our drive to allow players to better customize the look of their avatar. You will find an assortment of heads in the Catalog. Over the next couple of weeks we will be expanding our inventory, so keep a look out for new additions.

If you have been playing ROBLOX for free, you will notice that several heads are priced low enough that you could use the Roblox Currency Exchange (the RoblEX) to convert your tickets into ROBUX to purchase several. Builders Club members, on the other hand, get a daily allowance of ROBUX, so they can forget that and focus on deciding which of these fabulous new heads suit them best.

What’s your style?NewHeads



Caveat emptor: not all existing ROBLOX hats work well with all head shapes. You will have to mix and match to find out which combinations look awesome and which don’t work. In the future we may make hats specifically for the heads that are hard to place normal ROBLOX hats on.

– Telamon