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Nom nom nom nominate!

December 19, 2008

by Becky Lee Herndon

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The Winter Playland Building Contest is becoming a flurry of activity. The judges are working furiously to find the best places. They are nom nom nom judging one place after another. What we need now is to make sure all the your friends with the best WPBC places have been nominated.

What to do?

If you haven’t already, go to the event site and nominate your friend’s awesome finished WPBC place. The event site form is here. The place has to be wintery or holiday themed.  Search the site before nominating your friend -they may already be on our list! We only need one nomination per player.

The last day to nominate your friend is December 26 at noon Pacific time. They need to be finished by then. Winning places have to be fun and well made! We will keep judging until we find all the winners – about 100 Ice Crowns will go out!

Here are some awesome looking places that caught my eye. Don’t they look great?



CSX freaked merriel evilsanta1134



What to expect next:

Friday Dec 19 – More Cool Snowman Heads given out to everyone with a WPBC named place. All you have to do is name your place WPBC (with a space after like WPBC Winter Paintball). This is your chance to get the Cool Snowman Head!

Sunday Dec 21 – More Ice Crown and 200 $R winners announced. Expect that post later in the day on Sunday.

Friday Dec 26 – The Event site form comes down and the judges go super crazy finishing judging the nominees. Nom nom nom!

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