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Winter Playland Building Contest Parade 1

December 5, 2008

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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As I mentioned before the judging is moving pretty slowly. However, we were able to find some awesome places in the first lists of entries.

Here are the Ice Crown winners so far…

zoydude, Zacmac1997, wolflover123, Willco44, Troywwe, Trevis, Baoender, BabyLuigi, 007Blox

Those users also won 200 R$. The judges are very selective this year. Check out some images of the winning places! They really are great.

007blox baoender


trevis wolflover123-2


zacmac1997  troywwe


Read more about how to enter this contest in my original post. The contest is still going on! Your friends have until Dec. 26 to nominate your place as a big winner.

Are you wondering if your nomination has been judged yet? The only way to know for sure is to search the event site for the name, and see if I have commented. The post will say “1 comment” on it. The comment tells the result of the judging.

But not to worry! Everyone who has their place named WPBC at the right time will get the COOL hat. As many of you have guessed this prize is indeed the Cool Snowman Head. 

Keep nominating your friends as they finish their awesome places. More parades and announcements will come out over the next few weeks! You can talk about this contest more on our forums!