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Holiday Gifts!

December 05, 2008

by John Shedletsky



By popular request, we are reprising last year’s crazy gift-giving spree.

Even now, some of you will be browsing your My ROBLOX page and notice an interesting object in your inventory: the Crimson Gift of Good Citizenship.

This gift was given to users who, as of this morning:

  1. Have logged in since December 1st, AND
  2. Didn’t have any moderation actions taken against them in the last month (reminders, warnings, bans, etc).

The ROBLOX Team would like to thank these people for being such good citizens!

Information About Gifts

Some information about the gift spree, for those of you who were not around last year:

  • Gifts are given out for meeting specific conditions. In the past we have given gifts to every player who had 1000 profile views, or 1000 place visits, or an inbox brimming with unread messages. Sometimes it will be obvious what these are. Often it will be a mystery.
  • If you meet the conditions at the time when the gift is being given, you get the gift.
  • If you don’t, you don’t. Each gift is given out once and only once.
  • Don’t worry, you will get a chance to purchase the gifts you’ve missed before they open.
  • All gifts will eventually open. Players who own a gift box will get the gift that is inside automatically. The name of the gift box changes to let you know it has opened.
  • Once a gift has opened, there is no way to get it if you missed it. It’s very unlikely that ROBLOX will ever repeat a gift that we’ve used before.
  • Some gifts will be easy to get. Others not so much.

– Telamon