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Winter Playland Building Contest Update

November 27, 2008

by reesemcblox



The Winter Playland Building Contest is well underway. If this is your first whiff of the contest please read my previous post for all the details.

Here is an update for each part of the contest.

Fun For All:

Just name one of your places with “WPBC” (standing for Winter Playland Building Contest) and you’ll get the COOL hat when we give them out.COOLdude

Where is the COOL hat?

It’s still being created. Check out one artist’s rendition of what the hat may look like.

When is the COOL hat coming out?

Sometime just before or on Dec. 5. That is the deadline we have for the hat artist. Remember – the COOL hat will not be delivered until then even if you see it in the Catalog early. You need to keep your place with “WPBC” in the title until you get the hat.

All we have to do is name our place?

Yes. Our search will find your place and then we’ll give you the hat. We would like everyone to get into the spirit of the season by making wintery places though!

Hard Work Pays Off:

The nominations for places to win the Ice Crown for excellence in wintery building are still rolling it. I must say it’s an overwhelming number of nominations! Please keep in mind though this is a tough hat to win. Last year we gave out 34 Ice Crowns. This year we are planning to give out about 100. zora560

Why does my nomination not show up right away?

The nominations are moderated before being posted. It can take up to a day, so be patient. Remember this is a long contest!

How is the judging coming along?

It’s coming along slowly. We are committed to visiting every place. There are 3 judges right now, and a few more to be added.

Can we help you judge?

Nope. Sorry, we’re only letting Staff work as judges.

What will happen once a place is judged?

The very rare winners will receive their Ice Crown and 200 R$ right after being judged. They will get a game message from me.

The users who don’t win will get a comment on the event site nomination, and a game message from me.

Can we be nominated again?

Nope. Sorry, we have so many nominees that we can’t judge the same user twice. Nominations that come in after a user has been judged will be ignored.


Important dates:

Dec 5 – COOL Hat will be delivered (if not a bit earlier)

Dec 26 – Last day to nominate your friend’s awesome place.

Talk about this contest more on our forums!



You may be wondering, are the places in these images Winners? They have not been judged yet, so maybe!