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ROBLOX Halloween Secret Video Contest Results

November 4, 2008

by John Shedletsky


Intrepid visitors to Yorick’s Resting Place may have found Builderman’s desk on the second floor of Yorick’s house. If you went through his papers, you saw an intriguing notice about a secret video contest. We now have the results of this contest…



Only videos submitted on or before October 31st were considered.

There were two categories that videos could win in: Most Views and Highest Rated.

The winners each get 4000 R$.

Most views and highest rated were determined by searching for "robloxsecrethalloween" on YouTube, and taking the top results. Note that if you do the same search now, the order may have changed since judging occurred.

In the case of "Highest Rated", there was a 3-way tie!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a video, there were a lot of great entries. But the masses have spoken. I present: the winners!

Most Views


Highest Rated




– Telamon