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ROBLOX School Project Contest Update

October 3, 2008

by reesemcblox


The contest mailbox is closed and we’re working like mad to finish sorting through all the entries. We got a lot more entries for this contest than we expected. That’s great!

We’re going to announce the winners as soon as we can. There will be a lot of winners. All the entries must be looked over by ROBLOX staff. It’s a fun job actually, since we get to learn new things at the same time.

To make this post more interesting we will show a few more entries. We only have time right now to show three – but there will be another post in the future showing off tons of great entries.

So for now check these out.

Ancient Cultures

ROBLOX gave me a better chance to get a better grade on my model and also made it more fun! It gave me the chance to be free and express my self as I made this wonderful world of Mesopotamia. We should be able to make a place where we can imagine AS MUCH AS ARE LITTLE HEARTS CAN! And ROBLOX helped me because it is a very compatible and safe way to let teachers know that we can make projects with just about anything.  – Ronat

Teacher comment: Good work.  This is one astounding idea and helps with our budget!

Scripting Languages

I had a project recently about programming at my school! My project was about all of the types of programming, and what they do. Roblox helped me in this project by showing me ways of scripting techniques and things like, lua, and all kinds of scripting in the lua language. Also roblox helped me because it made it easier because I already knew about Lua very well. Another thing is that I made a PowerPoint for this project. One thing that helped me with this project was the scripting language of lua, like the “game.Workspace.etc.etc” because a lot of scripting engines handle things similar to that type of scripting. In Roblox the scripting engine: LUA, helped me again by showing me ways of boolean values in it, which we are talking a lot about in class!


Parent comment: This is a great way to learn and help you with scripting and it would help you with the project!

LUA Power Point Slide


Roblox helped me on this project by letting me show cool models to the class, but also show the sharks in a gentle way. Other pictures I looked for in this projects showed some of the creatures as killers. They wouldn’t have helped to show sharks aren’t all bad as most people say. The saying, “the only good shark is a dead shark” really gets to me and I couldn’t not show these sleek and amazing creatures gently, yet still cool looking, other wise. The pictures got the classes attention. P.S. I got an A.


 Great White Power Point Slide

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