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Some Awesome School Project Entries

September 22, 2008

by reesemcblox


We’ve received a ton of awesome entries to the School Project contest. The last day to enter is Wednesday Oct 1 at midnight Pacific time. Read how to enter here.

It looks like our users are finding a lot of different ways to mix ROBLOX and learning. That’s great! We’d like to show off some of the entries and encourage people to keep sending in great stuff like this.


I had to build a Rube Goldberg. Using ROBLOX really took away the material limitation factor. I used ROBLOX’ immense open-source to mimic what my group had to do: Pull a light switch. A little night to day script helped make it look very real. Using ROBLOX’ physics helped make the Rube Goldberg look like it was real, and using Lua gave any mis-haps a nice little patch. It helped give my group an A. -briguy9876


ROBLOX helped me with this presentation because it showed the I could give a 3D presentation without using real life things. First, I had some different functions of Lua, and described them to the class. Next, I used a more complex script to demonstrate how Lua makes a ROBLOX fountain work. After that, I asked Pyro if he would let me film his suits, he said yes. So then I showed the class how Lua could be used to create very complex things without using up memory space. That?s how ROBLOX helped me in class this time, I?m sure it will help me again.

My mom was very excited to see I was doing Lua programming, as it is something she didn’t learn until about a week ago. My teacher was happy with the presentation and I got a 100% on it. -Antartikid



I used ROBLOX to demonstrate the water cycle. This helped me a lot because I wanted to do something special to wow my class, and it sure did! We were on the last chapter of the year when we were asked to do a project on the water cycle. We were allowed to do anything as long as it demonstrated the water cycle. Then I discovered ROBLOX. It was by far THE BEST GAME EVER! Then I thought to myself, “What if I used this for my project?” -techno802

contest entry (2)


Assignment: Make a model of the urinary system, and describe functions.

ROBLOX helped me a lot on this project because it was easy to construct and it was an easier alternative rather than using a big expensive 3d modeling program. I wasn’t really good with clay, so I requested permission from my teacher to make a video of a ROBLOX model. She agreed and allowed me to show it to the class with my partner. I enjoy the easy ROBLOX interface, as well as the fast upload times. ROBLOX was a huge help, and I am thankful it even exists. -maxxz

Direct quote from teacher- “Awesome! The creativity in this movie really shined through!”


My project was to demonstrate how structural differences in bridges alters their stability. I constructed several bridges and demonstrated how they withstand weight. For example, I used body velocity/rotation to show how a bridge can withstand an Earthquake.

I just have to say that ROBLOX is fantastic. As a game, and as a learning tool. It’s because of ROBLOX that I got an “A+” on my project and am now really quite popular in my class. I will always use ROBLOX! -Derthmonuter


For my ASE Art class I was required for my final project to make some form of three dimensional art. I decided to make a piece of abstract art for my project, but I had no idea what exactly it should look like. Four days into the project week long project I had come up with nothing. So I decided to take a break from the little work I had done and play in ROBLOX studio. After fiddling around on ROBLOX for a while, I realized that I could use my favorite game to do my homework. After a few failed attempts, I came up with the model shown above. I immediately set out and made a scaled down version of the model after I finished.

Had it not been for ROBLOX I never would have been able to come up with a passable figure-let alone the masterpiece I made- in time for the project’s due date on the second to last day of school. -Samacado


Well that’s all we have for right now. We are still sorting through all the email entries. All the users mention in this blog will receive the prizes by Oct 7. I know it’s a long wait but please be patient.

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