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ROBLOX School Project Contest

September 13, 2008

by reesemcblox



We’re curious to know how ROBLOX is helping students with school and learning. ROBLOXians are very clever and creative! We know several educators and students who are using ROBLOX for projects at school – we want to reward all the educational users of ROBLOX with prizes!

So what we’d like you to do is send us your project or homework where ROBLOX was helpful!

Example subjects could include…

Programming, Design, Architecture (Building), Art, History, Science, Physics and more!

Send your entry to [email protected] and include the following info: 

1. Username

2. What was the project was about (what was the assignment)?

3. Any pictures or movies of your project. Power point presentations, documents and web pages are good too.

4. 100 words description explaining how ROBLOX helped you with this project.

Bonus: Include any comments your teacher or parent said about the project.

The contest ends Wednesday Oct 1 at midnight Pacific time. Winners will be announced within 1 week after end.


The winners will be chosen by the ROBLOX staff. We do not have a set number of winners but be assured our standards are high. Not every one can win this contest. The prize is R$ 500 and all the Book hats in the catalog.

All valid entries will receive a secret runner-up prize.

Small print: The entry needs to be impressive and well put together. ROBLOX must have been used somehow to finish the project and get a good result from your teacher. Home-school entries are allowed. Team entries are only allowed if your team all go to the same school and are in the same class/subject.



I can’t wait to see what you all have been up to. Start sending in those creative school projects!

There seems to be some confusion in the comments. You don’t have to play ROBLOX at school for this. You can play at home but use ROBLOX for a school project somehow. Not everyone will be able to do this contest. It is, in fact, not fair.


Privacy statement: All real names, school names, pictures of people and locations will be edited out of content published on ROBLOX. Get your parent’s permission before entering this contest.