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ROBLOX Olympics 2008 Contest Update

August 9, 2008

by reesemcblox


The building contest is well underway. There are tons of places being built. It’s great! Check out the most recent entries.

We wanted to remind everyone about the rules for the event so there’s no confusion. The instructions for entry are here.

Additional rules:

The entry place has to be something that you could see at the Olympics in the real world. Please check out the official site if you don’t know what the Olympics is supposed to look like. 

Olympics2008 Obstacle courses are not allowed. Your place has to look like a real sporting event or sports place, not a computer level.

You can work in teams but only the owner of the place gets the prize, no one else. Same for video teams, only the poster of the video gets the prize.

You may have more than 1 sport in your place but 1 is enough. You don’t need 2. But if you have 2 or more it’s ok.

At midnight (Pacific Time) August 11 the contest ends and we will run a database search to find the winners. We will check the winning places to make sure they are Olympics related. We will not announce the winners of any prize until Tuesday August 12 at 5pm Pacific time. This is a new change. We need another day to make sure we get the tallies right.

Don’t forget about the movie mini-contest. There are some cool things going on there too. Check out the latest entries in the movie category.

Remember to post about your place entries and your YouTube video entries in the Creations Gallery. It’s ok to ask people to come to your place there.

Also be sure to be a good sport and visit other people’s places. This is a time to celebrate the creativity and productions of your fellow Robloxians! The best way to make friends and help the community is to give a little time to others.