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Recent Updates to ROBLOX

August 30, 2008

by reesemcblox


We put out a new release on August 19, 2008. We’ve been meaning to post about the awesome new features but we got super busy!

Many users have already discovered some of these features. WonkaKid over at Roblox News made a post about it! So let’s explain what came out in this release.

1. Place Version History

If you want to reset your place to an earlier version you can do it with this feature! To use the feature do these steps.

First click the Configure This place link on your place. The link will show up under the description of any place you own.

Then all you need to do is select a previous version of the place. That’s pretty cool.


2.  Walk Speed

We made the walking speed of Robloxians changeable. It is a property of the Humanoid class, and its default is 16. If you set it to a negative speed, it reverses people’s controls. Note: if you set it to a very high speed, you will start walking through walls.

3. Sparkle Colors

We also allowed sparkles to change color. To change them edit the Color property in the Sparkles in Roblox Studio (in the Explorer pane). Some colors may not work as well as others.

4. Team Chat

When you’re in a place that has teams on the leaderboard you can chat directly to your team. To do this type % after the /.


/%lets go to their base

/%green team rules!!!1

5. Other Stuff

Hmm let’s see. There’s a new places display on the main page. A new installer. Some new awesome moderation features (that you’ll never see). A lot of lag reduction and behind the scenes stuff. We really have been working hard!

What happened to music and meshes?

We took them out. Sad to say but we had to take them out of ROBLOX for several reasons. One is that we don’t yet have moderation set up for it. Also they were making place files way too huge.

Check out this movie by PRG. It shows off some of the features!

If you’d like to talk about these features some more then go join the discussion on our forum.

-Clockwork & ReeseMcBlox