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Olympics 2008 Video Mini-Contest Winners

August 13, 2008

by reesemcblox


Announcing are the Video Mini-contest winners!

How were they chosen? ReeseMcBlox looked at the top viewed videos as of midnight Aug 11, 2008 and then removed anyone who didn’t qualify. Ten Videos were decided as the winners. Check them out in this play list!

Winners of the Black Iron Ring of Olympia for Video Mini-contest: yozy, cobrastrike4, maax1996, piecrust, arisshah, twisteddemo, bmoreboy, canary4life, gaomon94, sheeppie, MarioMario54321

The Building Contest winners and prizes are not finalized yet. We’re very busy working to deliver all the prizes. There were so many winners! Please be patient – it could take all night.

The requirements of the Building Contest were changed to make it so more people would win. The new arrangement is like this.

Ring Requirement
Awesome Ring 100 or more Favorites on your place
Bluesteel Ring 20 or more Favorites
Golden Ring 5 or more Favorites
Wanwood Ring Everyone who entered*
Black Iron Ring Favoriting 5 Olympic places

*you had an Olympics2008 place on your account when we ran the database search earlier today.

Please wait until tomorrow to see if you get the hat you think you should.

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