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ROBLOX Action Adventure Contest Winners

July 06, 2008

by reesemcblox


We’re finally done! Judging this event was really hard. The ROBLOX staff watched every entered video. We took notes and in the end it was a very close call for all the categories.

Shiny Prizes

Everyone listed in this post will receive the Golden Robloxian hat. Only the names listed as winning $R 1000 will receive that prize.

Where is the hat? It’s not published yet. It will be delivered as soon as possible.


Five Best Motion Picture Awards

ROBLOX Shootout

Production Team: Stickmasterluke, Wirodeu, Reaper5 each win $R 1000

Other credited: Cobalt

Mother 3

Production Team: roan, Toun25, Jamespond56 each win $R 1000

Acebloxians Episode I

Production Team: LuckyGlues, mitchell7194, Xon each win $R 1000

Defending ROBLOXIA from a Black Hole

Producer: TheArbiter08 wins $R 1000

RoWar: Chapter 1

Production Team: Are92, RavenShield, MrLfan each win $R 1000

Others credited: Ratchet500, Canary4life, jacbob, Articerile


Three Best Acting Awards

Excelerate and Dakkor in 007 Casino Royale

They each receive $R 1000 

Tonkhonk in Ganondude’s Cake Adventure

He receives $R 1000

All the actors in The ROBLOXian village

Wirodeu, Cobalt, Aeacus, Garra300, Dil, Valitini94, Killertom3, Loser123, Tahd, Roni123, Freefurbie, CheeseKnight, OZZY941, Drosk, Fanofmario2, Bluckman, Megaman999, Poppo362, Fbi100, and Dack1 each receive $R 1000


Category Awards

They each receive $R 1000
Best Set Design

Vortex of Time

Best Costumes

Demotic Man

Best Sound Track

Starring Montana Joe’s

Best Camera Work

Need for Speed ROBLOX City

Best Special Effects

Noob Nexus Assault


See all the movies in one playlist!