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Funny Movie Contest Winners

June 10, 2008

by reesemcblox


The ROBLOX Staff has finally picked the winners for this contest. Yay! After much debate we decided to have 8 winning entries instead of 5. It was very hard to narrow down the choices and we just couldn’t leave some of these out.

In no particular order, the winning entries are…

Max & Bob Visit Robloxia by maxxz

Stfcrb’s Fun Time 2 by Stfcrb

NoobName Show by NoobName, Wirodeu and hugeflare

Roblox Christmas at Ground Zero by Stickmasterluke

Indiana Legocat5 And The Holy Bob by legocat5

Roblox: The Bloxxer Bunch by CobraStrike4

ROBLOX – May-Funny by Johnny2008 and Acbc

Top 10 ways to die in Roblox by Are92, Are14 and Minilandstan

Watch all the videos in this player!

Or click this link to see them all on my YouTube profile page.

Each of the players listed above will receive the video contest exclusive Security Camera hat and $R 300 split among their team. Winning video contests is the only way to get the hat. Are you bummed you did a lot of work and didn’t win? Well give it a try next time! Stay tuned for more exciting video contests to come.