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Action Adventure Movie Contest

June 14, 2008

by reesemcblox


Introducing ROBLOXiwood – Action Adventure Movie Contest #1!

ROBLOXiwood is open for business!  We’re having a movie contest to celebrate. The theme is Action and Adventure. Be sure to read all the guidelines below to make sure your YouTube movie gets entered.

An Action Adventure movie is one that has a thrills, chills, and a good story. The characters have to get into some sort of trouble and then get themselves out or be saved.  Your movie can be an original work or a scene from one of your favorite “real” movies.


Two ways to win!

Oscar 1. There will be 5 Best Motion Picture winners for this event. There is no ranking among the five. All of them are winners!  “Production Teams” are welcome (up to three users) – all listed members of the team will win the Award Hat, and the three production members get $R 1000.

2. From among all the movies the staff will also pick winners for special categories. The winners will receive the Award Hat and $R 1000 each. In order to win the username must be listed in the YouTube movie’s information by the person who posted the video.


Best Actor/Actress (three of these will be chosen), Best Soundtrack, Best Camera Work, Best Costumes, Best Set Design and Best Special Effects.


1. Create an Action Adventure ROBLOX video. All entries must be a movie/video. You can learn how to make Roblox movies from our tutorial.

2. Please make all videos suitable for viewing by kids, grandmas, school teachers, and your next door neighbor. No profanity or inappropriate images. Any video that breaks the standard ROBLOX rules will not be able to win.

3. Videos should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long.  Keep it short so the action doesn’t get lost in long scenes. Most of the footage should be ROBLOX related.

4. On your video page put the following information.

a. Usernames of team, Link to ROBLOX –

b. Tags – This time we want you to use tons of tags!

    * You must put “ROBLOX” and “june-action”

    * Describe your video with three or four words

    * If you are taking a scene from a real movie, include the movie name –       otherwise, put the name of a movie that’s like yours

    * Include the names of your favorite building and modeling toys

    * Describe ROBLOX in three or four words

GO CRAZY WITH THE TAGS! Example:  ROBLOX june-action giant spider chase King Kong erector knex lego fun kids online world  

5. Contest Closes Sunday June 29 at 6pm Pacific time (9pm Eastern). All videos must be posted by this time.

6. There is no rule six!

How To Win

The winners will be chosen by the ROBLOX Team who will search for videos with all the right things. Videos must have been uploaded since the contest started (no old videos!), must have the ROBLOX link and june-action tags (and other tags), and must have your username. Most of all they must have Action and Adventure! This contest is subjective to the Team’s opinion. Not everyone will agree that your video is a winner, but we hope it is!


Feel free to talk about your video on the new ROBLOXiwood forums and link to it.

Google videos will not be accepted. Only videos on YouTube will count for this event.

You can work in Production Teams OF UP TO 3 PEOPLE. In addition, you can list other team members for costumes, special effects, set design, acting…  List these team members on your credits. All members of a Best Picture winning team will get the Award Hat. All the team’s names must be listed on the YouTube video information.

Your movie can be longer than 3 minutes but the Staff does not have to watch the whole thing. Shorter is better!

Winners and prizes will be announced within a week of the contest close.

I can’t wait to see the exciting things you guys create!