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Funny Movie Contest

May 19, 2008

by reesemcblox


We’re having a YouTube movie contest and the theme is humor. Be sure to read all the guidelines below to make sure your funny YouTube movie gets entered.


There will be 5 (and only 5) winners for this event. They each will receive the Video Contest exclusive hat. They will also receive $R 300. There is no ranking among the five. All of them are winners.


1. Create a humorous ROBLOX video. You can learn how to make Roblox movies from our tutorial.

2. Please make all videos suitable for viewing by kids, grandmas, school teachers, and your next door neighbor. No profanity or inappropriate images. Any video that breaks the standard ROBLOX rules will not be able to win.

3. Videos should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long. Most of the footage should be ROBLOX related.

4. On your video page put the following information.

5. Contest Closes Monday June 9 at 6pm Pacific time (9pm Eastern). All videos must be posted by this time.

7. Winners and prizes will be announced within a week of the contest close.

How To Win

The winners will be chosen by the ROBLOX Team who will search for videos with all the right things. Videos must have been uploaded since the contest started (no old videos!), must have the right links and tags, must have your username.

Most of all they must be funny! The ROBLOX Team will watch the highest rated and watched videos and pick the ones they think are most funny. This contest is subjective to the Team’s humor. Not everyone will agree that your video is funny, but we hope it is too!

Extra Rules:

Feel free to talk about your video on the forums and link to it. Don’t post more than once though!

Google videos will not be accepted. Only videos on YouTube will count for this event.

You can work in teams OF UP TO 3 PEOPLE. Each person in a winning team would get the hat, but the money would be split between you. All the team’s names must be listed on the YouTube video information.

If this contest goes well we may have more of them in the future. We think it’s great how many videos there are about ROBLOX. You guys are so creative!