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Game Development Internship Available!

April 30, 2008

by John Shedletsky



Are you an code monkey? You could be having as much fun as this guy, all summer long, with a game dev internship at ROBLOX HQ in Redwood City, CA. You’ll get a lot of great experience working at a small game studio. Your work will be shipped to thousands of players every couple of weeks. We’ll even pay you. There will be cake.


  • You are a college sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate
  • You can commute to our offices in Redwood City California
  • You have technical skills: either you’re an intermediate-level C++ coder or you’re awesome with C# and .Net/Flash/AJAX/web client technologies
  • You’re qualified to work in the US
  • You love games


  • You have an online portfolio of relevant previous work/research/projects
  • You have domain specific knowledge of something useful to game development. For example: graphics, networking, flashy web interfaces, writing importer/exporters, 3d modeling, audio programming, physics simulation, etc.
  • You have artistic talent

If you meet all the requirements, send us an email ([email protected]). Make sure you attach your most recent resume and include any information you think we need to know. We’ll be finalizing our hires within the next couple of weeks, so don’t delay.

– Telamon