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More Egg Hunt Hints

March 23, 2008

by John Shedletsky



Our last scheduled Roblox egg hunt is running right now! Eggs will be raining from the sky until approximately 3pm PST, 6pm EST.

At this point, everyone has figured out how most of the eggs work. Here’s some hints for capturing some of the harder ones:

Golden Egg of Kings

This haughty egg won’t let you pick it up unless you look like royalty. That means you need to be wearing a crown of some sort. You can use the Golden Crown, Void Star, Domino Crown, Ice Crown, or the Black Iron Crown of Pwnage for this.

Wanwood Egg of ZOMG!

This giant egg falls from the sky, crushing anything it lands on. The trick to getting this egg is to have patience. Every 30 seconds or so the egg will diminish in size. When it gets to be the same size as the other eggs, it is safe to pick up. Trying to pick it up before it gets small is not recommended.

Bombastic Egg of Annihilation

This egg flies around and shoots homing rockets at random players. Sometimes it will fade out of existence briefly, create a huge explosion, then pop back. This egg can either be very easy or very hard to get, depending where you are. If it is on the ground, or if you are in a level with jetboots or teleporting tools, it’s easy. If it’s hovering 50 studs above the baseplate and you have no way of reaching it, it’s hard.

Legendary Egg of Gygax

Ok, so it doesn’t really look like an egg. It’s actually a 20-sided die. If you check out the item description, there’s a hint that tells you exactly how to get this egg. You need to roll a “critical success”. In other words, a 20. But be careful… If you touch this egg when the 20 is not face-up, it will blow you to smithereens. Whoops.

– Telamon