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Egg Madness!

March 21, 2008

by John Shedletsky



Here’s a scorecard for our egg hunt thus far. Over 7000 players have successfully located at least one egg. The next egg hunt will take place tomorrow. Check out my previous post to see the schedule.

Secrets of the Eggs Revealed… Part 1


Fake Eggs

The above eggs appear in the “Recently Updated” section of the Catalog, but don’t actually exist. I put them in to fake out people who were watching my every move as I was setting up the Egg Hunt contest. This contest goes to 11.


Puzzling Egg

The Puzzling Egg of Enigma is rather common, so probably a lot of people have encountered it. Ideally, you find it in a nice quiet level where no one is shooting at you and you have time to think.

Touching the egg makes it turn red, and then it drops a chessboard on you. The board shows a position where white can force a win in 2 moves. Say the winning move aloud, and the board and egg will turn green. Now you can pick up the egg.

There are a couple of different chess puzzles, but each user will always see the same one. So if you can’t figure it out in-game, you can think about it for a while and be ready when it appears again.

Kind Egg of Sharing

SharingEgg When this egg drops, you’ll see that it is quite dark. Every time a different person touches this egg, it gets a little brighter. After 3 different people have touched it, you can pick it up.

The best way to get this egg is to be in a map with some friendly people who will help you out. You can also look for groups of them, that way everyone in your posse can touch each of the sharing eggs and everyone can get one.

– Telamon