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All About the Bluesteel Gift of Long Years

March 02, 2008

by John Shedletsky


BluesteelGift Those of you who were around for the Christmas gift-giving extravaganza in December will recognize that Telamon has a predilection for giving out cryptic prizes, then cackling madly as people try to figure them out. But this time, I’m going to explain exactly what is going on.

Everyone who logged into ROLBOX on February 29th was awarded the Bluesteel Gift of Long Years (if you missed it, you can grab one now for 95 R$). There were two hints about this. Firstly, leap years, of which 2008 is one, are longer than normal by one day – thus the “gift of long years”. Secondly, the phrase “Julius got it wrong” in the description of the gift is a reference to Julius Caesar, who is responsible for the creation of the Julian Calendar. This calendar called for one leap year every four years and was based off the belief that the Earth orbits the sun in 365.25 days. It’s actually 365.24 days. As a result, the Julian Calendar is broken – becoming increasingly inaccurate at a rate of 14.4 minutes per year. I’m sure everyone wanted to know that.

Here’s what you do want to know:

  1. The Bluesteel Gift will open sometime in the next couple of days.
  2. At that time it will no longer be for sale.
  3. You can get a sneak-peak at what is inside by completing this puzzle!

– Telamon