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It’s All in the Wiki

February 20, 2008

by John Shedletsky

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The ROBLOX Wiki is a treasure trove of information. The wiki is the most complete documentation that exists for all things ROBLOX.

I’ve rifled through Builderman’s inbox and determined that roughly 80% of the questions that people ask Builderman are already very well answered in the wiki.

Here are answers to five of the questions Builderman is most frequently asked:

“Help! I can’t enter places”

“How do I script?” “Can you teach me how to script?”

“How do I make an admin door?”

“How do I remove weapons from my place?”

“Teach me how to build cool stuff?”

So if someone asks you for help and you don’t know the answer, point them towards the wiki! It’s full of fun facts!

– Telamon