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Whaling About Updates

January 16, 2008

by John Shedletsky


“Why do I have to update ROBLOX all the time?” askes one uninformed user.

Well, unlike most other games you might find on the internet, ROBLOX is still under active development. This means that we’re still in the middle of making the game. Every 2-3 weeks the ROBLOX team packages up their latest work and makes it available as an update to ROBLOX. Sure, we could hold onto all our cool improvements and only release once every 6 months. But who wants to wait? We’ve got major improvements right now, and you get them today!

What’s New in this Release

  • Graphics speed improved 10-20%, video memory corruption artifacts in mesh and shadow rendering a thing of the past.
  • New image review scheme. User uploaded images don’t display anywhere on the site or in-game until moderated by a real human being.
  • Characters climb ladders without looking like they have a serious neurodegenerative disorder; characters can climb ladders with hats on.
  • Insert -> Object menu in ROBLOX Studio.
  • Shadow color property added to Lighting service.
  • Many bugs and crashes fixed.

Image Upload and Review

We have made important changes to how uploading shirts works. In order to make our site safe for audiences of all ages, now every uploaded image is vetted by our crack mod squad before appearing anywhere on the site or in-game.

When you upload a new shirt, it will not display on your character. If you go in-game, you will see it, but no one else will. All uploaded shirts images go into a queue that our moderators inspect. Inappropriate images will be filtered out at this time and accounts that upload bad images will be deleted. After a moderator has inspected your shirt and marked it “Ok”, then it will show on the site and on your character.

Some people will be unhappy that they no longer get instant response to their new shirt uploads. However, this is a necessary step we have to take.


Notice to Lua Hackers

ROBLOX Lua is still under heavy development and prone to rapid changes. This often means that we are adding new stuff, but occassionally it means taking stuff out. For instance, the DHTML Window has proven to be unworkable in its current form and had to be removed from this release. We try to give our scripters some idea of what is “preliminary” or “deprecated”, so that they know which functions to avoid if they are trying to build a ROBLOX Lua script that will stand up to multiple reversionings of ROBLOX Lua.

In this release, we’ve taken the further step of hiding these experimental or dying objects in the Object Browser and the Insert Object/Service menus so that new users don’t stumble upon them. Players who really know what they’re doing in ROBLOX Studio will want to unhide these objects by changing the two new settings, as shown below:

– Telamon