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Builderman’s Place Design Contest

January 20, 2008

by reesemcblox

As everyone knows, Builderman is super busy. He would like some new places but he hasn’t been able to find the time to design and build them. So here’s how you can help. We need your creative minds to come up with some awesome places!

Get your visual minds going and see what sort of a place you can think of for Builderman. Then you can draw it on paper and use a scanner (or take a picture of your drawing). Another option is to use a graphics program like Paint to show your idea. Be sure to include colors and even words if you like.


cottageSend your images to us and then we’ll have a vote from the users. After the top 10 designs have been selected we’ll have the best builders of the land make your ideas come to life! But don’t worry, you don’t have to build for this phase. All you have to do is draw or design a place.


Everyone who sends their design for Builderman’s place will receive a small prize. We will show some of them on the Roblog in a parade format like with previous contests. The top 10 Designers – decided by popular vote – will receive a fabulous prize and a chance for their place to be built by a pro-builder and installed at Builderman’s account!spaceship


Each user can enter this contest only once, no matter how many accounts you have. We know you have lots of ideas for places but try to put your energy into making one really great idea. You can send 3 images of your idea for Builderman’s place, just in case one image is not enough to show what is going on.

To Enter

Step 1: Come up with an idea

Step 2: Draw your idea on paper and use a scanner to get them into your computer. Or draw your idea in a computer program.

Step 3: Email your images to us, or put them on the internet and email the links.

Send the following to [email protected]

  1. Your Username – Very important!
  2. Images of your design – these need to be image files like jpg, jpeg, bmp, tga, gif and png. Limit 3 images per user.
  3. A couple sentences describing the place so we can understand the design.
  • Don’t grab photos or image files off the Internet and pretend they are yours.
  • Don’t send messages to Builderman asking if he got your email or what he thinks of your idea. Send any questions to ReeseMcBlox.
  • Don’t send files that need to be opened by programs like Autocad, Adobe Acrobat, or PowerPoint.



The deadline to submit designs is 9 A.M. Pacific time on Monday Jan 28, 2008. The building phase will not start until after the winners of this phase are chosen.

We can’t wait to see what sort of fun an interesting ideas you have for a ROBLOX place for Builderman, so get started and send in those entries!



 Added Information

You can draw your entry on paper. It doesn’t need to be made on a computer. You can do a pencil, crayon, chalk, ink or any kind of drawing. Color is encouraged but not necessary.

If you can’t get an email through to me then host your images at a site like or and then send me the links in a private message.

There are a couple ways to get design programs for free. One is the 3D program Sketchup by google [To save files do File > Export > 2D Graphic > *.png ] Another is TheGimp