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Builderman for President

January 21, 2008

by John Shedletsky



It’s election time in the USA and many other countries.  To celebrate, we have lightheartedly put forward our candidate for President – Builderman!  He’s scandal free, listens to his constituents, and cares about kids!

Builderman was originally the avatar name of yours truly.  He was created on a whim one day when fellow employee John showed up in game as “Telamon” and I needed a cool name to match.  As we added “friends” to ROBLOX (yes – there was a time when ROBLOX did not have friending) we decided to make everyone a friend of Builderman.

Lo and behold, Builderman has grown beyond my personal avatar into the unofficial ombudsman of ROBLOX.  We read all messages sent to Builderman (hundreds per day) and learn quite a bit in the process.  I still go through all of the messages that relate to bugs or feature requests, but Builderman now has several other helpers who manage much of the traffic.

– David Baszucki