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World’s Fair Winners – Tests of Bravado

December 07, 2007

by reesemcblox


These are the winners of the Test of Bravado – Obstacles, Rides and Traps that people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX. These entries were judged for the idea, the construction, and the writing of how it would work.

Best in Show – These are the top three entries of this category! These players will receive 1200 Robux. One prize per player over all categories, no matter how many entries. Prizes do not stack.

articunox2 articunox


Step on the button it has on it, and it will fly to another pad that it can land on. There would also be buttons on the pad that would take it over to the pad if it isn’t already flying. The buttons would be red if it was flying, green if ready to fly. It would make transportation fancier and more fun. It would also be fun to battle from!


This Hamburger Roller Coaster Cart takes the next generation of Roller Coaster Carts. It has a built in music of a carnival, 2 blue comfy chairs to sit in, a roof to protect it from rain, strong metal so it cant be damaged from bombs, it can go upside down, have a self-destruct button if it gets stuck and regens afterwards, and for the first time ever it spins clockwise while on the track while it rides on the track. Players use a teleporter to get on the ride. It is also the first ride to be a food. (also available in fat-free)

ploober33-tests-1  ploober33-tests-3 


Me and my brother often make scenarios up with LEGOS. So here in this picture a white knight must jump over a pit of deadly sharp spikes which have already claimed a life, slay a giant spider, and save a woman and her pet crab from certain doom. These sort of scenarios would make ROBLOX fun because you have to accomplish something.

Honorable Mention – This is a notable entries to the category. We’re glad we got to see these and also show them off to everyone. This player will receive 400 Robux. One prize per player over all categories. They do not stack.


Vending Machine

Hey, no cheating…

Here’s the deal. If someone proves to me that one of these winning entries was a photo copied from the Internet then I will subtract away the prize amount TWICE from their account, down to zero Robux if I have to. Send a PM to ReeseMcBlox with a link to proof. If you copied from the Internet and turn yourself in I will only take the prize, and not extra. This is for photos only, not ideas.

That’s it for this category. The prizes will be delivered within a few days. We appreciate all the great entries and ideas. ROBLOX has the best users ever!