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World’s Fair Winners – Lands of Tomorrow

December 7, 2007

by reesemcblox


These are the winners of the Lands of Tomorrow category – places people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX. These entries were judged for the idea, the construction, and the writing of how it would work.

Best in Show – These are the top three entries of this category! These players will receive 1200 Robux. One prize per player over all categories, no matter how many entries. Prizes do not stack.


When A small drilling Facility found an old lost mine, they thought it would be a good idea to make use of it.

They started mining with the somewhat, Futuristic tools. They made the Mines deeper and deeper and very sophisticated tunnels. Finally, They reached into the unknown depths of the planet core of Robloxia.

When Authorities cautioned them to stop, they didn’t listen, then one afternoon, disaster struck. They had almost reached the planet core, and red creatures caused havoc almost destroying the whole mine tunnels. Even though no one was injured, It is being investigated. But They know one thing, Someone has to put an end to it…


This will help out Roblox because about 10 years from now Roblox wont have Planes any more. So that means we will have to walk over rivers. But some are too deep. So this will do the job and help Robloxians get across. This will hold up to 10 Robloxinas at once.

kman786 kman786

I made this out of modeling clay. Then I printed out the pirate ship and glued it on to the background. This is what "Pirates of the Robloxian" might look like in the future with whales and crashing waves. Maybe an Island with a waterfall in the background. The whale and waves will take lots of scripting but might be able to be done in the future.

Honorable Mention – These are notable entries to the category. We’re glad we got to see these and also show them off to everyone. These players will receive 400 Robux. One prize per player over all categories, no matter how many entries. They do not stack.



In the future of ROBLOX, the Happy Robloxian house will be made of logs, since we ran out of plastic to make the bricks. The last three existing ROBLOX trees are preserved next to the house. The modern slide and teeter-totter still exist because you just can’t beat the feeling of a hot metal slide on a summer day…

bct4bct bct4bct

I imagine this to be the future of Roblox on the moon. You would use the blue and black thing as a slingshot being able to knock anything over. You can also drive around the moon rocks in the moon rover.



His castle of the future.



A new Beginning Brick battle map. The things on top of the walls are cannons that players on each side can control.



A Roblox Future City

This city can be built in water or in space.  Small domes cover the roads which are really tunnels, and buildings.  This will make life easier for Robloxians. This was built out of Tinker Toys.


spiderspot and pizzamaker

This is a Via Portal!!! Its a new teleporter coming soon to ROBLOX, I just made a picture to see what it looks like. Id love for my Fellow Tropians to teleport to some of my Favorite Places with this "Via Portal". I Hope this comes out soon!



In the future of ROBLOX there will be a new very popular thing!

The "Laganator"!!! It shall DESTROY ALL LAG!!! The body has these special crystals firing beams of light sucking up lag and the remaining lag shall be pushed away because the antenna shall produce a shield covering your place making it LAG FREE!!!



I think that this futuristic snack bar would be great for fellow Robloxians. They would have to pay 5 tix for normal meal, 10 for a special meal, and 20 for a super special meal. Lastly, the meals could help give them energy to jump higher run faster and get all they need to stay healthy in ROBLOX, if they don’t eat enough they will get hungry and starve and not have enough energy to do the things they love until they eat more!

Hey, no cheating…

Here’s the deal. If someone proves to me that one of these winning entries was a photo copied from the Internet then I will subtract away the prize amount TWICE from the winning account, down to zero Robux if I have to. Send a PM to ReeseMcBlox with a link to proof. If you copied from the Internet and turn yourself in I will only take the prize, and not extra. This is for copied photos, not ideas.

That’s it for this category. The prizes will be delivered within a few days. We appreciate all the great entries and ideas. ROBLOX has the best users ever!