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World’s Fair Winners – Dogs of War

December 7, 2007

by reesemcblox


These are the winners of the Dogs of War category – Tools, Armor and Weapons people would like to see in the future of ROBLOX. These entries were judged for the idea, the construction, and the writing of how it would work.

Best in Show – These are the top three entries of this category! These players will receive 1200 Robux. One prize per player over all categories, no matter how many entries. Prizes do not stack.


This new weapon is for the most part like a normal sword except for two things – One it has a mesh that looks like a katana. Two, if you’re holding the katana and you press b it will turn the katana sideways (just like the guy is doing in the picture) and will block in coming sword attacks.

illusions-dogsThe next weapon I’m sending in is something I’ve wanted to see for a while in ROBLOX.

The air strike!

In the picture my guy is holding a little communicator and when he asks a hail of missiles hits the space where he is aiming.

Its actually quite simple to do this…   make a lot of missiles spawn locations be high above your characters head and then hit where you clicked.



This weapon launches a blast of electricity that homes in on the target brick, and when in flight it will shock anything it flies past. When it is charging (hold down fire button) lighting effects will shoot round the barrel of the gun. ball-of-lightning

When firing a small explosion will pop out of the barrel before a ball of electricity comes out of the barrel. It would look like this example.  


jtm110972-dogs-1  jtm110972-dogs-3


1. Cruiser. It has 2 AA guns on it, and 4 heavy guns on it. It does float, and can hold about 8 people in the bottom of the boat. There is a driver in the front, where that box is.

2. Fighter/bomber. It has a good maneuverability, and has 2 forward firing guns, and a forward Gatling gun. The bomber side is that it has a 2,000 pound max for bombs. It also has a rotating 4 gun turret on the back of the plane. The max speed is 20 sps.   

3. Aircraft carrier. It holds fighter planes. It includes an anti-aircraft gun, at the front. It is balanced, and does float. There other remote-controlled AA guns on the runway. The control tower controls the remote AA guns.

Honorable Mention – These are notable entries to the category. We’re glad we got to see these and also show them off to everyone. These players will receive 400 Robux. One prize per player over all categories, no matter how many entries. They do not stack.

wwiiguy‘s entry is a YouTube Movie. You can watch it at YouTube.

More realistic flight in ROBLOX. For example, if you’ve ever tried to jump out of a moving aircraft in ROBLOX you usually end up flying off the map.  ROBLOX needs some sort of parachute system. Another improvement I think flight needs is the ability to tell the difference from friendly and enemy aircraft. It’s very annoying to get shot down by a teammate who couldn’t tell that you were friendly. There are more reasons in the video.

benderrobot‘s entry is a YouTube Movie. You can watch it on YouTube.

To work the light gun press back on the trigger (Which is the yellow brick), then a stream of poison fire with lots of chemicals will come out of the front, and that stream of poison fire will transform or destroy anything it touches, and to recharge the gun just stick some rat poison in the back and it will turn the rat poison into poison fire. However if the poison fire touches something with no humanoid, it will just put the thing that has no humanoid on fire or it will give it a humanoid or it will destroy the thing with no humanoid.



It’s a picture of a high tech plane it has 2 blasters and 1 bomb dropper.



Laser Gun

Future weapon of defense. Primarily used by Roblox Elite Police to combat evil anti-Robloxians.



One of the best weapons in the game, for just about anything, whether it be shooting down planes, sniping other players, or blasting buildings. The mighty bailfire!, but it comes at a cost. with such immense power it’s cursed with a ridiculous reload time, so…. Welcome the rapid-fire-bail-fire cannon! All the power of bailfire packed into a chaingun for rapid fire capabilities. With this weapon, nothing can stand in the way of the owner!



Flying Dragon Tank is a flying tank that well…flies around shooting people. It would be AutoPilot so it would go on its own like a killbot.



Killbot Advanced

It’s the next generation of killbots. It walks around on it’s four legs and shoots rockets and paintballs at all players on the map. The two huge front legs have killscripts, killing any player they touch. The only way to destroy it is to 1) knock off the antenna, rendering it temporarily stunned, then 2) firing a rocket/dropping a bomb at the green plate on the bottom, which destroys it.



My entry is the Super Bomb and Ultra shield. The Super Bomb is an uber-bomb that bombs the entire place, and can be set to kill all things, one team,  a plane, car, or boat. The Ultra Shield is a mechanism where once inside, you will be shielded form the effects of the ultra-bomb.



I made this gun because it would be cool to have this kind of gun. It would shoot a giant beam of light and any thing it touched would turn to metal. I call it the metal ray.



This a LEGO gun I made from scratch. What happens is when you pull the trigger, it dislodges the bullet LEGO, and the rubber band slings it. when it hits something it bursts in to two pieces, and The pieces could act like shrapnel damaging things after it gets split.


These entries have movies on YouTube by Twila27.

RocketLauncher – Holsters up to five projectiles, two large and three small. Attacks with a ferocious speed and power. This is the future of the ROBLOX rocket launcher!

CyberSword – This mighty weapon shows a vision of the sword from the future. You can switch between a yellow blade, a red cleaver, or a double-grey weapon. There is also a secret compartment for weapons.



This making is a four legged tank. This is a (cool) 4 legged machine used in war. It has a canon. And see that thing on top? I think you know what it is. It has to do with Destruction.



This robot x5x5 (code name Sparky) is one of the x5 series of robots from corporation 51, to suit the needs of ROBLOX’s future. The x5 series can be out fitted for tool construction, and combat control. This particular robot has been outfitted with a scissor staff which can cut into any size block, and a Dessimater gun, which is a machine gun and a rocket launcher combo, which is appropriate for demolition and combat. Sparky can be controlled by a Robloxian standing on the platform behind his head, once connected to Sparky, the Robloxian controls become Sparky controls.




These are ships made for combat. one is a hover tank, one is a human fighter, another is a armored plane, and one is a submarine. These could improve ROBLOX by enhancing combat situations in the air, underwater, or even just on land. I think it would be fun to drive specialized vehicles for specialized missions.


It is the BARB (Big Atomic Robloxian Bomb). With a range of twenty thousand studs the only survivor is the one who launched it. Everyone else (including his teammates) explode into tiny Robloxian pieces, causing them to lose the fight. But unlike normal bombs only one atomic R bomb appears on a map at once, causing the fight to become a chaotic rumble to grab the Atomic bomb first. The one who gets it is probably going to win the match. One other difference from the normal bomb is that it only affects players, not buildings and robots.



Meta-Egyptian Guard Drone

It hovers above the floor and watches as Robloxians build a large pyramid, and any that fall out of line will be incinerated with a Balefire system, one located at the end of each arm. Scanner systems are located in the head, which is capable of rotating 360 degrees. The arms that hold the Balefire systems are also capable of rotation, allowing it to aim up and down.




These would be a great idea for if we want to improve combat in ROBLOX. There should be different sized shots and lasers. We should have these able to shot without being controlled by humans (npcs.) I would think that this would be an exciting improvement to Roblox gameplay.



The Basin Destroyer is an army vehicle with two legs. The cannon at the top is a 36” Multi-fire Disintegration-ray.

How does it work? Simple! The legs are powered by huge hydraulic pumps, and the Multi-fire Disintegration-ray is just a basic machine gun with titanium enforced barrels. It’s the future of ROBLOX because, well… disintegration-rays are hard, very hard to come by.



My idea was like an admin shield that reflects other people’s shots. It would be as big as the character, it would make like a BOING sound when a rocket hits it, and last, it would explode anyone that touches it, but not the holder.



Don’t let it go when the zombies attack without a weapon. This weapon is a laser gun that will kill all the zombies in one hit!!! Just press the rubber band turn the handle down spin it a little bit and ready to go.



Brick Cannon

Takes any unlocked and unanchored brick you click on with it equipped and makes it float in front of you. Click again to throw it in the direction you clicked. A model version would also be made, and if the model has a humanoid, it would make the reflectance rise, then make it fall apart. It would not work if there was an anchored brick in the model.



This tool would help Telamon and the other admins ban people. It would have a longer range than Telamon’s original Ban Hammer. This tool would change the future of banning in ROBLOX.


Hey, no cheating…

Here’s the deal. If someone proves to me that one of these winning entries was a photo copied from the Internet then I will subtract away the prize amount TWICE from the winning account, down to zero Robux if I have to. Send a PM to ReeseMcBlox with a link to proof. If you copied from the Internet and turn yourself in I will only take the prize, and not extra. This is for copied photos, not ideas.


megamanexe’s flaming pitchfork

Extra honorable mention and zero Robux goes to megamanexe, for sending in this cute photo with no description. He wins a Question Mark.  

That’s it for this category. The prizes will be delivered within a few days. We appreciate all the great entries and ideas. ROBLOX has the best users ever!