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Winter Wonderland Parade 2

December 25, 2007

by reesemcblox


This is the second parade of Winter Wonderland Showing entries. These are the entries that are not competing for big prizes and fame. They just want to show off the places they made.

Here are some more of the entries. The rest will be shown in another parade. These were a lot of fun to visit! I hope other people will check them out as well and maybe get ideas and have a good time. Click on the picture to go to the place page.

12341dd 12341dd‘s Winter Wonderland.

12341dd says, "Have fun navigating the pipes to the Christmas tree! Also, there is a menorah![I made the menorah for Lemurboy07]"

armymen3do1 armymen3do1

Weird Winter Wonderland

bridgebridge‘s Winter Wonderland Bridge Battle

It’s the bridge battle again! For those of you who remember the old one, it’s been renewed with Santa and friends! Be Santa, an elf, an angry rubber toy, or even an angry eskimo tourist.. guy. Fight on a bridge over ice and fly places to crash the other people!

techdude techdude‘s Winter Wonderland

It is a build a fort then battle place. Fight with snowballs and bombs. Then, enter the volcano maze and reach the center to go to the party room!

wenkuang77 wenkuang77′s Winter Funland

With ice skating rink!

tartersauce tartersauce‘s Battle of the Popular People – Christmas edition

Who do you think is the most popular player in ROBLOX, are92, fleskjerta, or Stealth Pilot? The team that has the least Wipeouts by the end of the day, wins!

saver301 saver301’s Winter Wonderland

Christmas village with a park.

ploober33 ploober33‘s Winter Wonderland

It’s a capture the flag game!

naranjonaranjo‘s Winter Wonderland CTF

This is a classic Christmas theme CTF. Nice Santa’s vs. Evil Elfs. Dont knock it, till you try it! I got a new hammer for this place that will send everyone flying in seconds!


metalmario‘s Showing Entry

Because the elves had to work overtime this year with no cookie breaks, they started to form an angry mob! As the elves, your job is to destroy Santa while getting the flag! As Santa, you must protect your flag, destroy the angry elves and try to get their flag as well!

malomalo‘s Winter Wonderland

Oh Noes Roblox has frosted over! Wait that isn’t a bad thing. In this Christmas horror….I mean wonderland you get to ice skate breakdance with your buddies or any strangers that just so happens to come.

kaelin kaelin‘s Winter Wonderland

It’s a fight place with obstacles and high winter walls.

golden565golden565‘s Holiday House Party

Use the sleep tool while on the pinball box for extra bouncing, go in the chill zone with the polar bears, hang out in the house, climb the Christmas tree, and fly the planes. Hope you have fun.

galgirlygal galgirlygal‘s Winter Wonderland

Play and explore the creation of the mysterious Ms. X. Yep, it’s really her. My favorite part was making snow for the penguins.

django136 django136‘s Winter Wonderland Showing Entry

Welcome to my Winter Wonderland! Here you can race snowmobiles or fly off jumps on the slopes come check it out!

dragonhawkdragonhawk‘s Winter Place

With a tricky ice trap!

Entries will still be accepted until Jan 4. See the original post for how to enter. Keep em coming!