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Use the Force… Fields.

December 21, 2007

by John Shedletsky


We put out a new release yesterday. There’s a lot of updates in it:

  • ForceField object prevents SpawnKilling.
  • SpawnLocations can auto-create ForceFields on character spawn.
  • Humanoid:TakeDamage(amount) function added to RBX Lua.
  • Shadows 200% faster.
  • Improved ladder/stair climbing. You can no longer build a bad ladder.
  • Improved moderation workflow for our beloved mods.
  • The Delete From My Stuff button is back and fixed.
  • Increased number of shirts and hats that show on your character page.
  • 200% improvement in multiplayer reliability – fewer crashes, freezes, etc.
  • At least some “Graphics Failed to Initialized” bugs solved.
  • Probably all “Upload Failed” bugs solved.

Force Fields

A ForceField is an object that makes all sibling and descendant objects in the Explorer invincible, drawing a pulsing boxy field around them. Invincible parts/models cannot be blown apart by explosions. Invincible humanoids do not take damage that is applied by the Humanoid:TakeDamage(amount) function. All official ROBLOX weapons have been updated to use TakeDamage rather than setting the Humanoid’s health directly (using Humanoid.Health = Humanoid.Health – damage). If you want your custom weapons to respect the ForceField, you will need to make this change in your scripts. Contrawise, you can make weapons that ignore ForceFields by continuing to set the Humanoid health property directly.

The main purpose of ForceFields in this release is to prevent spawnkilling. By default, all SpawnLocations put a 10 second ForceField on any character who spawns there. SpawnLocations now have a ForceField Duration property, which you can use to tweak this number (or set it to 0 if you want to allow spawnkilling).

The concept of Force Fields will be developed more fully in future releases and we will be adding properties to them so you can customize their look and behavoir more. 


We shipped Wookong’s brand new shadows in the last release but didn’t tell anyone about them. They are much more robust in this release, so we’ll tell you guys how to turn them on if you want to experiment. They’re still in development, so there may be some odd bugs. They work great for me.

  1. Open ROBLOX Studio
  2. Click Tools in the top menu bar
  3. Click Settings
  4. Rendering -> Shadow -> Set to “On”

If you screw things up, you can always click the “Reset All Settings” button on this dialog box to put everything back the way it was before.

You’ll need a decent graphics card to really enjoy shadows. Anything from past four years should probably work fine. Milage may vary. Some exclusions apply. See support forums for details.

– Telamon