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ROBLOX Grows Again!

December 3, 2007

by Reese McBlox

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Introducing DocStrange – the newest member of the ROBLOX Team! He has joined the ranks of our Development team as a full-time programmer. His specialty is .NET and C#. We’re all excited to have him aboard and can’t wait to see what magic tricks he can work with the software.

DocStrange has relocated to ROBLOX HQ  (in California) from Arizona. He says he’d really like there to be capes in ROBLOX, so his character can wear a flowy cape. I agree that would be pretty cool.

He will be helping the Moderation team off and on and is already super busy with projects. You can PM him to say "Hi" or give suggestions for his place. Please don’t ask DocStrange for stuff or ask scripting questions. We can’t have him getting distracted!

Hooray for DocStrange!