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Welcome Aboard!

December 8, 2007

by reesemcblox


noob007 It’s a time of great excitement and change here at ROBLOX. We’re proud to introduce a new Developer to the team, noob007. He’s a .NET and C# programmer who is moving with his family from Boston to come work at ROBLOX HQ. He will be working on the web site and with the databases. As you can see he looks a lot like a noob, but he has secret agent gadgets secretly hidden all over the place. I’m sure he’d welcome suggestions for how to look more stylin’.

Noob007 is joining the Development Team and gets to be the "new guy" along with DocStrange.

scripter I would also like to welcome Scripter to the Moderation Team. He has been entrusted with a banhammer and the powers to use it. Apparently some people didn’t believe he was actually going to get this job. Well, he did. He wanted to send this message to the doubtful ones, "Told ya I was gonna be a moderator!"



Koopa has been doing great work as a Forum Moderator (along with the rest of the Forum Team) and due to a special qualification he is also going to get a banhammer and some extra powers. 

Scripter and Koopa are joining the ranks of the Community Moderation team which includes FFJosh, Stealth Pilot, MrDoomBringer, and myself.


PS: Admins and moderators are chosen via arcane divination methods during the dark of the new moon. It actually works pretty well. Cool, huh?