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Straight from the Pixel Mines

November 14, 2007

by John Shedletsky


The bad news: There was a cave-in and Wookong almost died.

The good news: He’s alright, and he fixed a lot of graphics issues in this new release of ROBLOX!

At ROBLOX, we take technical issues very seriously and we’ve been working around the clock to fix some of the lingering bugs that people have been experiencing with our new graphics engine. Here’s a look at how we fix your bugs:

  1. User posts that they have a graphics problem on the forums.
  2. We look up that user’s hardware configuration in our database.
  3. Do we have a test computer with this hardware? If yes, go to 5.
  4. We don’t. Let’s buy one and add it to our test lab.
  5. Ok. Now let’s reproduce the problem in the lab.
  6. Now do some of these things: {Check logs, set breakpoints, make a debug build, disassemble, attach to process, do rain dance, call Microsoft, judiciously add printfs, refactor, turn computer upside down and shake}
  7. Magically the problem is fixed (tada!)
  8. Test and release to beloved users.

So keep those error reports coming, they are very useful to us.

In other news, we’ve made improvements to character movement and the camera in this release. Today for the first time I was able to climb a ladder while holding a sword. So maybe it will be easier to move around without getting flung across the map by accident.

– Telamon