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ROBLOX Better Tomorrow World’s Fair

November 20, 2007

by reesemcblox


study2It’s the dawning of a new age for ROBLOX! It’s a time to set forth the community’s dreams for the future. Builderman loved the last event so much that he’d like us to do that sort of thing again! This time we’d like you to send a photo of something you imagine in the future of ROBLOX. Dream up and create something you’d like to see, even if it’s wacky or zany. 

Pick a category…

Lands of Tomorrow – Places

Captains of Industry – Vehicles (including Watercraft, Aircraft and Spacecraft)

Bizarre Bestiary – Creatures, Robots and Monsters

Tests of Bravado – Obstacles, Rides and Traps

Dogs of War – Tools, Armor and Weapons (Destructo Rays, Block-Disasemblers)

Then create your entry using one of the following types of things…

K’nex, LEGOS, Mega Bloks, Hexabits, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Gears!, Aeroblocks, Magnetics, Mechano, Erector, Brio, wooden blocks… any item of that type. You can use paper, paint and glue but keep in mind the Fair is about the future of ROBLOX.

(All mentioned toys are trademarks of their respective corporations and are not affiliated with ROBLOX).

Take a picture…

Make sure there is plenty of lighting for your creation, and that the camera is in focus. Live YouTube movies of your creation in action would be awesome. Blurry pictures will not be accepted. Drawings, 3D computer art, screenshots of ROBLOX or other games will not be accepted.

The event starts now! The final time to submit is noon Pacific time on December 4, 2007.

Send the following to [email protected]

1. Photograph Files

2. Username – Very important!

3. Category of entry

4. Description of how your entry is about the future of Roblox. Tell us how it would work. Send at least 3 sentences. This is very important. Don’t leave it off.



Telamon will be collecting all the entries to the Fair. Remember, these need to be something you put some effort into. Any entries that are images from the Internet or just some toy you pulled off your shelf will not be accepted.

Once accepted each entry will be eligible to receive a ROBUX cash prize. The best three of each category will receive the Best In Show cash prize. The remaining accepted entries will receive the Honorable Mention cash prize. The cash prizes will be given after the event ends.

Q: When will ROBLOX have another Building Contest?

A: Later in December. Thanks for asking!