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Black Iron Gift of Pwnage

November 30, 2007

by John Shedletsky


The masked malefactor has struck again! Yesterday we reported that there is a crazy gift-giving guy on the loose who is breaking into people’s homes and leaving presents.

Now we have a cryptic news wire from the Roblox Police commissioner Newton Raphson:

Police Report                                          ID: 5f3759df

We’re having trouble getting to the Root of this problem. The thing is, it doesn’t Square with everything we know about Robloxians. See, most of them don’t break into places and leave gifts. This guy is doing the Inverse. And he’s doing it fast.

The commissioner also pointed out that all the houses burglarized this time belonged to known expert-level bloxxers. Whoever broke into their houses must be either supremely confident or insane. In any case, he’s dangerous and citizens should not attempt to apprehend him themselves.

– Telamon