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Return to Haunted Hill

November 1, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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ROBLOX veterans will remember Haunted Hill, the mansion I built last October for Halloween. This was before people got to run their own multiplayer games, so getting a new level was exciting back then. Yesterday, Haunted Hill was the site of a secret treasure hunt for Builders Club members.

Two days ago, an item called “Halloween Lorebook One” was published to the ROBLOX Catalog, and sold for 15 R$. The book’s description told of a powerful artifact known as the Crimson Catseye, which could be found by following the clues in the 13 Halloween Lorebooks.

Users who bought the first Lorebook quickly discovered a clue on the back of the book: return to Haunted Hill.

It didn’t take people long to discover the ROBLOX User HauntedHill, whose profile announced that something special was happening in his level!

The name of of the game in Haunted Hill was to find all 13 hidden Lorebooks. You had to bring Lorebook One to the level to even be able to find the house. Many people wandered around aimlessly in a green field until they figured this out.

The other 12 books were hidden around Haunted Hill. Many of them were easy to find, since they were just lying around outside. Some of them were out of reach and took some thought to figure out how to grab them. The treasure hunt was made harder by the fact that other people were looking for the same books. Treasure hunters could choose either to work together, or fight each other to get all of the books.

Upon collecting the 13th book, players where given the code “CATEYE XXX”, which they had to message to HauntedHill to get their prize, The Crimson Cateye. The codes were randomized to help me track down people who were sharing the code.

I thought that this mystery was a lot easier to solve than the Mysterious Object one from a couple of months ago. I resisted the temptation to hide the books in impossible to find locations (like inside of one of the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch). From what people told me, the average amount of time it took to solve the mystery was 30-45 minutes, which seems about right to me. The only book that was a little tricky to find was the one defying gravity. 151 people won the Crimson Catseye. Good job guys!

So… was this too easy? too hard? just right? Let me know!

- Telamon

PS – The Haunted Hill level is now uncopy-locked. It still requires Lorebook One to enter, since I didn’t feel like messing with scripts today. I’ll put Lorebook One back up for sale for a couple of days, in case you missed it.